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Introducing Olive

The first of my style personae (yes, I realise I spelt it wrong last post) I'd like to introduce you to is Olive.

Based on a nickname my Uncle gave me following a prank he played on me,Olive represents that part of myself that can best be described as "innocent to the point of naivety".

I've long had an interest in gamine fashion, and this style suits Olive to a T. This style persona also represents my love of all things girly, frilly, lacey and sweet!

Key icons, both real life and fictional, who inspire me for this look include:

- Audrey Hepbern (the prototypical gamine!)
- Amelie Pouline (the titular character of the film "Amelie")
- Pierette (Pierrot's counterpart from classical French and English pantomime)
- Olive Oyl (From Popeye, of course!)

So, here's a few potential looks I've thrown together.

This casual daytime outfit was inspired, of course, by the lovely Olive Oyl.I like the contrast of the red top with the bright yellow bag (mixing primary colours is fun!). I thought those knickers were too cute to resist.

A slightly dressier look. I would wear this when going out to lunch with friends or going to a matinee at the cinema.

I love, love, LOVE that scalloped blue coat, unfortunately it's several seasons old an no longer in stock :-(. A girl can still dream though...

Speaking of dreaming, here's some night-time attire for Olive. Of course our girly gamine wouldn't dream of going to bed without her favourite stuffed toy. Also, I could have sworn I've seen that sleep mask somewhere else before ;-)

Next week I'll we raiding my own wardrobe to see what similar looks I can come up with for myself.


Now, if only I could afford said things!

April 2012

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